How many ducks do you see?

The following riddle goes viral on internet and especially Facebook.
The riddle is as follows:
How many ducks you see in this picture? At first glance, there appear to be nine ducks in the picture, but on closer inspection there are several ducks that are hidden.
It’s pretty hard to see them all. And yes .. there are more than 9.
Look carefully before looking at the answer below.

If you look very closely, you can see five ducks in the first row, six in the second row and five in the last row.
There are some tiny ducks in the picture and it can be difficult to notice them at first glance. So in total you should be able to see 16 ducks in the picture.
The correct number of ducks, and the answer to the riddle,  is 16.
The answer to the riddle: How many ducks do you see?

Can you solve this viral riddle?
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