Quiz about numbers

Here is a Quiz consisting of 10 questions related to numbers, age, length, and time. Find a pen and paper and sit down comfortably. How many can you solve?

Question 1

Peter is 54 years old, and his father Joe is 80. How many years ago were Joe three times as old as his son Peter?

41 years ago

Question 2

There are several books on a bookshelf. If a book is the fourth from the left and the 6th from the right, how many books are on the shelf?


Question 3

How much is 30 divided by 1/2 plus 10?


Question 4

I’m a three-digit number. My ten digit is five more than my digits. My hundred digits are eight less than ten digits. What number am I?


Question 5

A snail is at the bottom of a 20 feet deep pit. Every day the snail climbs 5 feet up, but at night it slides 4 feet down. On what day does the snail reach the top of the pit?

Day 16

Question 6

I asked a girl how old she was. She said: “In 2 years I will be twice as old as I was 5 years ago.” How old is she?

12 years old

Question 7

If it was two hours later, it would be half as far to midnight as it would be if it were an hour later. What time is it now?

9 pm (21:00)

Question 8

A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die. How many are left?


Question 9

There are two cows in front of two other cows. There are two cows behind two other cows. There are two cows next to two other cows. How many cows are there?


Question 10

A bird has a head that is 9 cm long. The tail is equal to the size of the head plus half the size of the body. The body is the size of the head plus the tail. How long is the bird?


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