Handsome man

An Italian guy, a real handsome man, is out picking up women in Rome. While at his favorite bar, he manages to attract one rather attractive-looking blonde.

They go back to his place, and sure enough, they go at it. After a long while, he climaxes. Then he rolls over, lights up a cigarette and asks her, «So… you finish?»

After a short pause, she replies, «No.»

Surprised, but pleasantly, the good-looking man puts out his cigarette, rolls back on top of her, and has his way with her again, this time lasting even longer than the first. Again he rolls over, lights a cigarette, and asks, «So… you finish?»

And again, after a short pause, she just says «No.»

The handsome man is stunned, but still acting reflexively on his macho pride, he once again puts out the cigarette and entertains his companion du jour. This time, with all the strength he can muster up, he barely manages to end the task, but he does, after expending quite a lot of time and energy.

Barely able to roll over, he reaches for his cigarette, lights it again, and then asks tiredly, «So… you finish?»

«No. I’m Swedish.»

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